Holiday Fashion for Every Type of Vacation

One of the most exciting things about looking forward to a holiday is going shopping to choose your new vacation wardrobe. But what to buy? This largely depends on the type of holiday you’ve booked. Here, we give you a rundown of the best styles to adopt for every break.

City Break

Whether it be Paris, New York, Rome or Barcelona, one thing all of these places have in common is a lot of walking to see the sights. So, number one, invest in several pairs of in-season flats so that you can holiday in comfort. If you’re visiting Europe or America in the summer, then the cities are likely to reach some pretty high temperatures. Dress lightly in a cute and breezy summer dress and sunglasses to keep the glare off.

Beach Holiday

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a holiday of sun, sea and sand this season, then you’ll want to start with a killer bikini that is perfect for your body shape. Shop around and don’t settle until you’ve found one that flatters and allows you to feel comfortable. Pair this with an ombre maxi chiffon sarong that is guaranteed to be a head-turner on the shores.

Cruise Ship

Ah, the promise of visiting a new foreign land every day, before returning back to a glamorous cruise ship at night. Most cruise liners have a strict dress code policy which allows passengers to dress casually during the day but might enforce a formal dinner attire ruling. What better excuse to dress up to the nines on your hols? Pair a stunning blue dress with a pair of sassy heels, as high as you dare, and you’ll be rocking the ocean all night long.


Planning to spend a week in the back of a jeep, binoculars in hand, looking to spot one of the big five? To do so in comfort, you’ll need to keep cool in the desert heat. Stay away from black clothing which is thought to attract and retain the heat – not what you want! Instead, stick to 100% cotton outfits such as a pair of chino shorts matched with a pure cotton vest top in as many different shades as you feel like.  The temperature will drop in the evenings though, so you’ll need to layer up with an open front cardigan and full-length trousers.


You don’t have to go abroad to have fun on vacation. But if you’re staying in the UK, it goes without saying that the weather is somewhat… temperamental. What’s the secret behind holiday fashion for a UK-bound break? Layers! You’ll need to pack a suitcase full of options so that you’re prepared for every eventuality. On your list, you’ll need your favourite skinny jeans,  a bunch of cool slogan tees, print floral dress,  and a light knit cardigan.

Don’t leave your holiday shopping till the last minute though – the high-street shops start stocking their autumn lines surprisingly early, so if you have an end-of-summer vacation planned, it will pay to get in there early!